Article Requirements

Rules for the design of articles

When submitting an article, the Scientific Council of the Congress asks the authors to observe the following rules:

  1. The design of the article. The article is printed on a computer at 1.5 intervals, in Times New Roman font, size 14 on an A4 sheet, with bold headings and subheadings. Margins: upper and lower - 2.5 cm, left - 3.5 cm, right -1.5 cm.
  2. Illustrative material. The article is accompanied by illustrative material in the form of photographs, drawings, radiographs, graphs, tables. Drawings (graphs, diagrams) presented in electronic form must be in files with the extension TIFF, BMP, JPEG, PPT. At the same time, any program that supports these formats can be used. The number of illustrations (photographs, drawings, drawings, diagrams) is no more than 6. Radiographs should be sent with a diagram. The captions explain the meaning of all curves, letters, numbers and other symbols. The captions to the microphotographs indicate the magnification (eyepiece, lens) and the method of coloring or impregnation of the material. Tables should be visual, have headings and be numbered. Diagrams made in the MS Excel application must be presented in the format .xls and in the form of a drawing, which will allow their prepress preparation.
  3. The volume of articles: no more than 15 pages - for the original, 20 - for the literature review, 8 - for clinical observation.
  4. The structure of the article. At the beginning of the first page of the article are written: 1) the title of the article in the center in capital letters in bold, without a dot at the end, 2) the initials and surnames of the authors (the number of authors is not more than 8), in standard bold, 3) the legal name of the institution (s) from which the work came out; academic title (degree), initials and surname of his (their) head; full name of the department or laboratory (in parentheses indicate the academic title, initials and surname of the head), in standard font; city, country where the institution (s) is located. If the work is submitted from several institutions, then they are numbered superscript before the name. The authors of the article should be numbered superscript after the surname in accordance with the numbering of these institutions. The structure of the original article: Summary with keywords. "Introduction", "Material and methods", "Results and their discussion", "Conclusions" (conclusion), "Literature" (works cited in the article).
  5. In the text, abbreviations and abbreviations should be deciphered at the first mention. It is not allowed to use abbreviations in the title of the work, as well as the use of non-generally accepted abbreviations. The numbers of bibliographic references are given in the text in square brackets in accordance with the list of references. Units of measurement are given in the SI system. When processing statistical data, it is necessary to indicate the methods used and give the name of the indicators. Repetition of the same data in the text, tables and figures is not allowed.
  6. Registration of the list of references. The article is accompanied by a list of references (no more than 25 sources in the original article, 60 sources in the literature review) in the order of citation by the author (not alphabetically!), printed on a separate sheet at 1.5 intervals. The article and the bibliographic list should use works from the last 5-6 years. The design of the list of references according to the Vancouver style.
  7. Summary of the article. The article should be accompanied by a summary in Russian and English (up to 0.5 pages - no more than 15 lines each) with a brief indication of the purpose of the study, the materials and methods used, the main results and conclusions obtained (without highlighting the headings), a list of keywords (at least 7).

Pay attention! The article should be thoroughly checked by the author. All names, chemical formulas, dosages, numerical data in tables and figures, dimensions of laboratory and clinical indicators should be verified. The author must attach copies of the patent, copyright certificate, certificate of innovation proposal, if these documents are mentioned in the text of the article. It is not allowed to send articles previously published or sent to other journals or collections. Articles that are not designed in accordance with these rules are not considered by the Scientific Council of the Congress.